Free VOIP setup

Free VOIP setup

We are Systems Interactive Limited (SIL). A highly professional ELVS and Engineering service provider.

Lets check out some key features of VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service. A service that enables you to Go Anywhere, Be Anywhere, Work Anywhere and still get your calls and Fax”

VOIP Features at a glance

  • Auto Attendant: the caller is welcomed by your greeting that provides a menu of options to complete call routing.
  • Connects remote offices or employees seamlessly without extra cost with a simple extension dialing.
  • Set up a virtual office, with employees telecommuting anywhere on the globe.
  • Call Center Option: You can establish technical assistance lines, customer support numbers, or order-taking center. Incoming calls to a call center are presented to the next available agent.
  • Integrate multiple offices under one central phone number.
  • Easily Set Permissions: With flexible features, administrators gain control over voice and data communications by setting user permissions.
  • Voice and Data Integration: all you need is a single cable for voice and data communications
  • Lower Operating Cost:Reduce capital investment and ongoing expenses with a low

upfront implementation cost. Even cut international and long-distance calling costs.


Book an appointment with us today for a free 48hour first-hand experience. This would serve as an invite for us to come to your office with our VOIP Phone Systems, set it up and let you use it for 48hours at no cost.

We look forward to establishing a business relationship with you.

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