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IP CCTV Camera Course in Lagos

IP CCTV Camera (Internet Protocol Closed Circuit Television) course is entirely hands-on in a laboratory environment and facilitated by industry experts. All students will be able to hit the ground running after 2 days. The IP CCTV Course will help develop self-sufficient entrepreneurs

IP CCTV Training in Lagos Nigeria

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IP CCTV Camera Course Content

  • CCTV Systems:
  • Elements of a basic CCTV system:
  • Digital recorder.
  • Camera types and uses:
  • Day and night.
  • Camera specifications:
  • Signal to noise ratio.
  • Back Focus adjustment.
  • Lens types:
  • Fixed and variable focal length.
  • Manual and motorized zoom.
  • Use of lens calculator.
  • Scene illumination:
  • Lighting considerations.
  • LED’s, infrared lamp maintenance.
  • Bulb life.
  • Switches, Quads, Multiplexers and control systems:
  • Types and applications.
  • Monitors and Multiple screen displays.
  • Recording the footage:
  • Analogue recorders.
  • Digital video recorders.
  • Time-lapse recording. Reviewing video footage.
  • Cables and connectors:

Learning Objectives

The CCTV Camera (Closed Circuit Television) Certificate course is designed to help participants understand the components and installation of CCTV Camera for domestic, commercial, or industrial purposes.

  • Understand the fundamental elements that make up a CCTV
  • Set up a Camera
  • Set up a Monitor
  • Set up Switches
  • Set up Quads
  • Set up Multiplexers
  • Set up recording devices
  • Connect up and test system elements
  • Be aware of the issues associated with lighting and scene illumination
  • Adjust the Back Focus of a lens to prevent picture going out of focus from day to night.
  • Be aware of the significance of the “Operational Requirement” and the EN50132 test protocols
  • Be aware of the relevant standards and issues
  • Use a lens calculator to choose correct lens for particular application
  • Have an awareness of the changing technology and it’s impact on the industry


Consulting, Design, and Implementation of:

  • Mechanical
  • Electrical 
  • Plumbing 
  • HVAC
  • Smart Home Automation
  • Extra Low Voltage Systems

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Course Duration

Course runs over 2 Days

Registration Fee:


Course Fee: